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04/12/2017: Trip to Liverpool World Museum - Ancient Egypt

Year 3's journey through time...


This week was another excellent week in Year 3, as we were able to visit the Liverpool World Museum to see one of the largest collections of Egyptian artefacts in the UK.


We were able to bring the subjects we have been teaching to life and discover what it was really like in ancient Egypt. From learning about the River Nile, to understanding the different animals and gods, the day was fantastic from start to finish, but the highlight was seeing the real mummies and canopic jars in the 'Mummy Room' and finding out how people achieved eternal life.


The highest standards of behaviour were on display throughout the day and we received lots of compliments from members of the public and staff at the museum. A great day was had by all. Or as they say in ancient Egypt,

snake, reed, reed, eagle, lion, foot, snake!