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04/07/17: Euro Qualifiers

Euro Qualifiers: 


What a day! After the outside pitches were labelled 'waterlogged', our qualifiers were taken into the hall. Tensions were high as the children battled bravely and fairly, representing their House Teams (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, respectively). After an intense hour or so, we found the winners of each class:


Class 9: Matthew

Class 10: 

Class 11: Mark

Class 12: John 


As always with our tournaments, there were some incredible standout moments! Josh H's incredible saves! Some wonderful goals by Ben & Thomas, Niamh V's phenomenal goal - from goalkeeper position. There really were too many to list! Unsurprisingly, there were a few tears when teams crashed out the competition, but the games were contested in wonderful spirit, highlighted by Jay-Lee, who owned up to our referee after a suspect handball! 


Later in the afternoon, classes faced off in the semi-finals! Class 9 took on Class 12 and Class 10 battled Class 11.

When the dust finally settled, only two classes teams (Class ?? and Class ??) remained and they will face off in front of the whole school at some point next week! 




Semi Final Results:


C9 v C12: C9 Matthew advance to final

C10 v C11: C11 Mark advance to final


Final: Mark (C9) vs. Matthew (C11)