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02/10/2018 - Chronology: Ordering historical events on an accurate timeline

As part of our Romans topic, we have been discussing chronology. We have been exploring some of the main historical periods in British history alongside our Roman research!


Our chronology lesson this week involved practical activities such as:

  • understanding the meaning of chronology
  • the difference between BC and AD
  • how a timeline works
  • ordering historical events on an accurate timeline


This was an exciting opportunity for us to learn all about Britain and explore past events. We particularly enjoyed hearing about the Great Plague which was closely followed by the Great Fire of London!


During our main group task, we used our knowledge of timelines to order key BC and AD events in Roman history. It was insightful to see the rise and fall of the Roman Empire across a chronological timeline.


Not only did this lesson develop our pupils' knowledge of the Romans, but also it enriched their British history knowledge.