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01/05/2018 - Science: Life Cycle of Mammals

Did you know that in the womb at 7 weeks old a baby is the size of just one small blueberry?


We learned lots of interesting facts this week in our Science lesson all about the life cycles of mammals. When we came into the classroom, there were lots of fruits and vegetables out on the tables. We had to guess how old we thought a human baby would be when it was the size of each of the items!


In addition, we learned that there are actually 3 types of mammals based on how they reproduce: placentals (where the baby grows inside the mother’s tummy and is born fully developed), marsupials (where the baby grows inside the mother’s tummy but is not fully developed at birth) and monotremes (where the mother lays an egg with the baby in).


Did you know that there are actually only 2 monotreme animals in the whole world; the platypus and the echidna?