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Unit 2 - Nature in Our Lives

Unit 2 - Nature in Our Lives


In Unit 2, we examined nature through a personal lens to discover its essential role in our daily lives, culture and health. We conducted field research to examine and document flora, fauna and the landscape around us, we considered how nature influences our culture and how it has an impact on our health. Using the e-classroom we informed our peers about the nature within our city, we interacted with our peers and responded to their posts, this allowed us to explore the similarities and differences within our countries. 


We watched videos on the various ways we can care and conserve nature, this allowed us to reflect and consider how we currently do this within our city. We evaluated our own ways of caring for nature and interacted with our peers, communicating the knowledge we had gained from the videos. The posts on the discussion gave us an insight into the differences and similarities within different countries, we shared the solutions that are unique to our city in the hope that this may inspire others and broaden their knowledge. The discussions gave us an awareness of how to exchange cultural perspectives respectfully. 

Global Discussion: Care for Nature

For our end of unit project we created two digital guides to teach local and international visitors about natural places in our city. Working as a group we created e-books about Crosby Beach and Stanley Park, we felt these two natural spaces had contrasting landscapes and are both extremely important to our community. In order to create our e-books we had to consider the flora, fauna and landscape, gather photographs and research how visitors can access the place. After collecting all the relevant information we were able to create two informative e-books.


It was extremely interesting to see the natural spaces our peers had chosen for their digital projects, we responded to our peers and asked questions about their spaces. Additionally, our e-books received positive feedback from our peers on the e-classroom! 


Take a look at our e-book creations!