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Unit 1 - Welcome to Global Scholars

Unit 1 - Introduction to Global Scholars


In Unit 1, we were welcomed into the Global Scholars classroom. We were taught how to use the Global Scholars website responsibly and how to interact with our peers on the e-classroom. We were introduced to the ideas surrounding the program and discovered this year's theme of Nature and Our Cities. We gained an understanding of the importance of different perspectives, how these are unique to the individual and formed from experiences, opinions and beliefs.


On the Global Scholars e-classroom we informed our global peers about our city, school and culture. We interacted with others from around the world; responding to posts and asking questions to gain a greater understanding of different cultures around the world. 


We interacted with peers from:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Buffalo, United States
  • Edmonton, Canada
  • Fort Lauderdale/Broward, United States
  • Jacksonville, United States
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Mumbai, India
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Singapore


We researched into the nine different countries to gain an understanding of the various climates, landscapes and the nature that may be in these countries. By pinning the countries on a world map we were able to gain an insight into where our peers are from! 

Meeting the Global Scholars

Being part of an international community of students around the world we were keen to introduce ourselves and showcase our school through our digital project for Unit 1 'Meet the Global Scholars'. We shared information about our school, the classroom and the city as a whole. 


Our finished video was met with good response from our peers around the world and even from the Global Scholars Headquarters in New York!

Meet the Global Scholars