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Edvard Munch - The Scream

Having analysed some of Gaudi's work, it was over to our pupils to evaluate one of the world's most famous works of art; 'The Scream', by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Using ipads for research, pupils explored the feelings of the artist at the time of creating the artwork. Moreover, how Munch expressed his personal emotions in the imagery, compositions, techniques and colours that he used.


'It is amazing the way Edvard Munch has used swirls to show

how he was feeling and to describe the world how he sees it' - Honor D, Class 5


'The techniques used by Edvard Munch and Leonardo da Vinci are totally different.

De Vinci's pictures are very realistic and he used lots of detail but in The Scream, 

everything looks like its melting and there is less detail.' - Michael H, Class 6

Art Skills - Drawing and Shading Techniques

In learning how to use a range of different drawing and shading techniques, children gained an improved understanding of various art skills. In examining the techniques used by great artists, such as Leonard da Vinci, they were then able to demonstate this in their own sketches and drawings.


'I knew that if I used my finger, I could blend the pencil

to make my shading more realistic.' Ruby W, Class 8


'I used the colour wheel, which we learnt about in Year 3, to find

the right contrasting colours to use for the shading for the fruit I had drawn.' - Charlie J, Class 8

Storytelling Through Art

Pupils have been demonstrating their understanding of how artists tell stories through their artwork by analysing and interpreting a range of paintings by different artists. Pupils were able to recognise the story behind the picture and create their own versions of famous paintings based on their understanding of the meaning the artists was intending to portray.


'Learning to analyse different famous paintings has helped me to understand how artists are able to tell stories by capturing a moment in time.' - Molly, Class 7