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Living Things and Their Habitats


Creating Classification Keys 

After learning about the key differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, Year 4 have been working scientifically to classify plants and animals in different ways. They have used Venn diagrams, Caroll diagrams and have used their understanding to create their own questions in classification keys!



After learning about how sound travels through vibrations, our children have been showing their understanding by predicting and testing which materials are best at soundproofing. They planned their own investigation and decided to use a decibel meter to record the volume for each material. They then concluded which materials were the best and why.


'I thought that cotton wool would be the best material because it is thick and it would absorb the vibrations'


Understanding pitch

After learning about how to change the pitch of a sound, our children have been using this understanding to make predictions and plan their own investigation to determine how changing the length of a straw will affect the pitch of the sound made. 


'We found out that when the straw was shorter, the pitch was higher because the vibration was faster!'



Identifying electrical hazards

After learning about the different types of electrical hazards, our children have been showing their understanding by identifying and describing hazards around different parts of a house.