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Living Things and Their Habitats – Classifying Vertebrates

After learning about the five different types of vertebrate, we created our own ‘what am I?’ riddles to support our understanding. Can you guess what the mystery vertebrates are?


Living Things and Their Habitats - Creating Classification Keys 

After learning about the key differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, Year 4 have been working scientifically to classify plants and animals in different ways. After choosing a variety of living things, we examined their characteristics to help us create questions that could enable them to be identified.






Electricity – Identifying Electrical Hazards

Year 4 have learned all about electrical hazards and how best to keep safe when using electricity. Using this information, we showed our understanding by identifying and describing hazards around different parts of a house.


Sound - Investigating Volume

After learning about how sound travels, we planned a fair test to answer the question ‘How does the volume of a sound change as we increase the distance from the sound source?’ After making a prediction, we worked together to measure the sound using a decibel meter at various distances from the source. Our experiment helped us understand why volume decreases the further we are from a sound source.



Sound – Soundproofing

After learning about how sound travels through vibrations, we have been showing our understanding by predicting and testing which materials are best at soundproofing. We planned an investigation and decided to use a decibel meter to record the volume for each material. We then wrote a conclusion explaining which materials were the best and why.


'I thought that cotton wool would be the best material because it is thick and it would absorb the vibrations' – Light

States of Matter – Evaporation and Condensation

We planned and conducted an investigate to answer ‘does the temperature affect the time taken for washing to dry?’ After writing a prediction, we completed our experiment using pieces of fabric placed at different locations that had varying temperatures. To explain our understanding, we wrote a conclusion to support our findings.