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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice 


"I have learnt that men and women can do any job they want to and we should not judge people for the choices they make." - Darby, Year 3 


"I like that we feel safe to share our thoughts and feelings. This year, I got to tell my class about Nigeria (which is where I am from). I was so happy because everybody asked me lots of questions and I felt proud of being from Nigeria" Zion, Year 4 


"I have found PSHE amazing because it gives us time each week to relax and reflect on things that have happened in our life." -  Esmae, Year 5 


"I like learning about differences between people and celebrating these in class. This year, I’ve enjoyed learning more in depth about equality and human rights. You hear it on the news so it’s good when you can ask questions in class and find out more about it. I also like PSHE because we can listen to different points of view and we can also show our opinion in different ways. By doing this we can show how even though we are all the same age and are brought up in the same area, there can be lots of different ideas about a particular subject or question. I think that’s really important." -  Lily, Year 6