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Antoni Gaudi Lizards

In creating their Gaudi inspired lizards, children were able to explain and justify the choices they had made, both in how to create their lizard bodies and also in the colour and design choice they used to create their finished sculptures.


'I wanted my lizard to look like it was asleep

with it's arms folded in front of it!' - Halle J, Class 5


'I use lots of small pieces of tape

to create a pattern down the spine of

my lizard.' - Billy F, Class 5

Art Skills - Drawing and Shading Techniques

When creating their own three dimensional drawings, children were able to express their ideas and explain their choices in the techniques and materials they selected. Additionally, pupils provided verbal feedback to their peers expressing what they did well and how they could improve next time.


'I used the end of my finger to blend

the pencil so that my shading

looked more realistic!' - Emily B, Class 7