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Creating our silk paintings

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Discussing our thoughts on artist Kathe Kollwitz

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What is art?

After learning about grafittit artist Banksy, we held an impromptu discussion about what actually is art. Is it a painting on a canvas? Is it a sculpture of a lamb banana? Is it an istallation of lights? We couldn't quite come up with a definitive answer in Year 6; although we had great fun researching and exploring the different art forms in our very own city.

Motion: All schools should teach Art and Music


Today, we debated the motion that all schools should teach art and music. There were strong arguments from both the proposition and opposition sides. These included:


  • Art and music are vital for mental health and well-being
  • These subjects bring a happiness to the curriculum
  • Talent shouldn't merely be a measure of mathematical and writing ability


  • The financial cost is too high for schools to teach art and music
  • We should concentrate on teaching the subjects pupils are tested on
  • Art and music are simply things we enjoy in our spare time 


Afterwards, we decided that we are really grateful to be taught art and music, and could speak confidently about the various benefits. Although it was definitely thought provoking to think about what our school would be like without these subjects..

I love art and would one day like to become a graphic designer.

Art should definitely be taught in schools - everyday!

(Alyssa,  C15)


In my opinion, art is much more than learning how to draw.

The pieces we have looked at by Banksy were political;

whilst mindful colouring is great for relaxing and improving mental health.

(Ava, C14)