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Notre Dame Maths Challenge

Notre Dame Maths Challenge

3 pupils from Y5 were proud to not only represent our school in Notre Dame’s first ever Maths Challenge this week, but to gain one of the top 3 prizes! 8 schools from the local area took part in the competition which tested the team’s depth of mathematical knowledge and their ability to apply their reasoning skills to a range of problems and challenges! Working as a team, they took part in 6 challenges:

  • A Sudoku puzzle
  • Relay maths where it was a race against the time to pass their answers to the judge and get the next question before the other teams
  • Math songs – could they listen for the hidden problem and solve it as a team?
  • Clued up – using logic to order a set events based on a set of clues
  • A kahoot quiz which test their depth of knowledge of the maths curriculum
  • Reading scales to crack the code and discover a secret message.

The team demonstrated exceptional mathematical knowledge, great confidence and exemplary team work and won 3rd prize! Each member of the winning team was awarded with a geometry set. Well done – a super performance!