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Lessons and Workshops

Lessons and Workshops

English Outside the Classroom

As part of our analysis of our wordless picture book, 'The Arrival', we created six freeze frames to portray our own story of escaping our home.  We imagined how the protagonist must have felt on his venture away from the safety and security of his home, only to arrive in a place that was completely alien to him.  We enjoyed breaking the freeze frame to act in the shoes of our characters and justify the way they were feeling at significant points throughout the story.


"The drama really helped me empathise with the characters in the book.  I enjoyed using the space to think of different backdrops for my freeze frames and using the props and furniture to tell the story." Nathan W


"By creating the freeze frames it really helped me to think about how the characters might be feeling. I liked using facial expressions, props and zooming in with the camera to capture the character's emotions.  Doing this activity helped me to properly think about how immigrants feel when they enter our country and cannot speak our language. I think everyone should think about how we treat these people as sometimes they could be escaping terrible things happening in their home like the character in the book." Luca M

First Aid

We learnt crucial first aid skills alongside UK Military School so that we are equipped with life-saving knowledge in case we ever had to use them. Firstly, it was important to learn about what to include in a first-aid box and where these are located around school should we ever need to use one. Next, we learnt how to place someone in the recovery position; use CPR and role played what to say during a call for an ambulance. We really enjoyed the workshop and feel confident in helping a casualty in the future.


"I really loved the first aid training and it has inspired me to join St John's Ambulance because I know that I may need some of these skills in the job that I need to do." Nathan

"I didn't realise how tense a situation must be when you are giving first aid.  The person is completely relying on you - especially when giving CPR. I now feel more confident knowing that I can help my family, friends or others if they need my help." Joe

Maths Outside the Classroom

In preparation for making our Scouse pies, we had to ensure we had enough ingredients in order to supply the whole of Year 6. We had our basic Scouse recipe and worked in groups of three to solve problems, scaling the recipe to the desired quantity each time.


"I really enjoyed this lesson because it was using Maths in a real-life situation. I know that I can use these skills at home too when I'm looking at recipes online with my mum." Lola

"Practical lessons like these ones are always fun and makes you think about how much Maths you have to use everyday without even thinking about it!" Nathan

Electricity Workshop

We worked with our resident scientist, Mr B. who kicked off our Science topic in an electrifying way!  We created models of electrons in a circuit; investigated how voltage affects how quickly a motor spins and tried our hand at creating series and parallel circuits.

"I really enjoyed the workshop, especially when we learnt about static electricity because I volunteered.  Mr B rubbed my head with a balloon and threw confetti in the air to demonstrate how the confetti would attract because of the static.  It was fascinating!" Marika

"Working with Mr. B was brilliant because we had lots of challenges that we had to complete in order to build our own circuits.  I learnt about the difference between parallel and series circuits, which I didn't know before!" Michael