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Lessons and Workshops

Literacy Outside the Classroom

Observational Walk


In our current literacy topic, we are exploring the picture book 'Mirror'. It describes the lives of two boys; one lives in Australia and one in Morocco. There are many things about the boys' lives which are different; the clothes they wear, the food they eat and the environment they live in. Interestingly, there are also many similarities across their cultures; their families, their routines and their interests.


This week, we took a trip to our local shop, to compare the environment we live in to the lives of the 2 boys. Whilst we take this sort of trip all the time, rarely do we stop to observe what is going on around us. We encountered bin men, postmen, shop workers and neighbours chatting in the street. We smelt the fresh bread from the bakery and observed a crow with jet black feathers sitting on top of the traffic lights. We heard sirens blaring, music chiming and children crying.

Birds of Prey Workshop

This week, we had some unexpected visitors in school- six birds of prey! Not only did we learn a wealth of incredible facts about the birds, but also some lucky individuals got to hold them. We saw kestrels, buzzards, goshawks and even a Eurasian eagle. Did you know this eagle has a wingspan of up to 188cm?



Maths outside the Classroom

Mental Arithmetic on the yard

Today, we practised subtraction calculations on the yard to strengthen our mental arithmetic skills. Working in groups, we were given a starting number and we had to subtract whichever value we threw a ring to.


"I loved doing maths outside. I was much more focused because I was on my feet and being active!"

Denny Daniels- Class 4

Rocks Workshop