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Investigating what plants need to survive


To understand what plants need to survive, the children set up an experiment to investigate the growth of four plants with four differing conditions over a week. After observing growth over time, the children used the data they collected and wrote a conclusion from their findings. 






"I learnt that a plant needs 4 things to grow healthily; water, warmth, soil and light. Surprisingly, the plant that didn't have any light still grew, however it was thin and very pale. " Eve, Class 1 

How is soil formed?


Our children used secondary research to learn about how soil is formed. They then used their research to independently create a digital presentation about how soil is formed. 



"I was shocked to learn that soil comes from eroded rocks! Also, did you know weathering erodes rocks? This means that the weather effects rocks and wears them down." Maggie, Class 3 

Investigating hardness and permeability of rocks


Working in groups, the children set up their own investigations to find the answer to the following questions: 

  • Which rock is the hardest?
  • Which rock is the most impermeable? 



"We worked together to set up our own investigations. My team decided to measure the amount of water that affected the rock for permeability and the effect of the rock on the sandpaper to measure the hardness. We ensured that we kept the test fair to have the most trustworthy results." Cody, Class 2