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Art Skills:

Looking at the works of Van Gogh, Year 3 learned to recognise and paint a colour wheel. Using a sketchbook, children then used different grades of pencil to draw a variety of lines/shapes and gain experience in experimenting with a range of materials.

Pupil Voice:


After discussing the importance of colours in drawing, we learned how to mix secondary and tertiary colours using primary colours, before moving on to paint our colour wheel!  I chose to draw the leaf because the colours were beautiful. I found it really difficult to draw without looking at first, but, eventually, I was pleased with my finished product. 


Arianna B

Egyptian Felt: 

Year 3 sketched and drew Egyptian inspired images and created a finished coloured design. As well as this, we used our design to inform the making of a piece of felt from the raw materials of coloured wool. After that, we sculpted the wool and used  traditional felt-making techniques to create a handmade piece of woollen fabric.

Pupil Voice:


I loved sketching the Eye of Horus to produce my finished design. I chose the Eye of Horus as he is my favourite Egyptian God. I used the colour red to symbolise his strength. My favourite part was sculpting the wool and I was delighted with my finished piece!  


Izabelle W

Artist Focus - Andy Warhol


The focus of this topic was Andy Warhol and it involved looking at the works and influence of this groundbreaking artist. We studied some of his most famous pieces and set about imitating his art. 

Pupil Voice:


Andy Warhol was a fantastic artist! Did you know that he began his career as a commercial artist? His drawings appeared in many fashion magazines!  Despite not many people taking his work seriously initially, he made a lot of money, but he still dressed in torn, sloppy clothes and his friends called him 'Raggedy Andy'.


Jacob J