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Developing skilled, independent writers is at the core of our Writing Process. We endeavour to inspire our pupils to write for a variety of purposes and audiences whenever possible through incidental opportunities and organised competitions.

Baseline to Independent Write


The central purpose of our Writing Process is to enable pupils to become independent writers, who make their own authorial choices in their writing. At the beginning of every topic, pupils are baselined in the genre, providing teachers with opportunities for diagnostic analysis of prior learning, misconceptions in grammar and syntax and crucially, individual targets for where the next steps in the learning should go for groups or individuals. At the end of each topic, pupils produce an independent piece of writing, using the knowledge and skills they have learnt, and apply it in a different context.  This provides teachers with an objective measure of progress from their initial baseline assessment.

Writing Ambassadors


All pupils have access to writing materials at lunchtimes to support further independent writing for pleasure. This initiative is monitored by the Writing Ambassadors for each year group, who provide challenges and writing prompts. In Year 5 and Year 6, Writing Ambassadors also create opportunities for whole school writing for a purpose, including job applications and letters.

"I love writing and so becoming a Writing Ambassador was a huge privilege for me. We meet regularly via Google Classroom to discuss how we think Writing could be improved in our school. For our latest project, we discussed how we could celebrate the real heroes of the NHS and give thanks to their fantastic service during lockdown. I enjoy being a good role model the younger pupils in our school and showing them that writing is exciting!" Jack

University of Liverpool Writing Competition

"I’m always happy when I can use my writing for a real reason. I love writing stories at home and always take part in the school competitions. This year, my writing has helped me to become a school librarian and I have also won a national competition with the University of Liverpool. I was amazed when I won! I think it’s important to practise these skills for when you are older so that you know how to communicate properly with others." Caitlin

School Librarian Letter Applications

"This year, I applied to be a school librarian and a Buddy and I was successful! I was really proud of myself because when I was in Year 3, I found writing quite difficult. It shows how much I have improved during my time here and how writing can change a little part of your life." Maisie

National Writing Competitions

"When we have been learning about a type of writing in school, I enjoy practising at home too so that my writing is even better. If I take part in competitions, I can use my hard work and hopefully see myself published in a national book! I'm always really proud of myself when this happens." Neve

Everton Football Club


It is no secret that Liverpool Football Club provided the children of St. Francis de Sales with fabulous experience after fabulous experience. However, as of yet, we have yet to experience the same from Everton Football Club. In 2019, a group of children representing the Evertonians in our school independently took on a side-project with the goal of building a successful relationship with Everton.


See our progress and ultimate outcome below...