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Working independently to create unique lizard designs

After expert guidance from Becky our resident artist, it was time for the children to work independently and make their lizards. They created the bodies and then added their own personalised designs to ensure that each sculpture was unique! 


'Working independently meant that we could create our own patterns and designs.' - Ellis D, Class 7

We are Writers - Book Covers

Year 4 pupils have been using the knowledge and understanding they gained by visiting our local library as inspiration to draft and draw their own independent designs for the front cover of this year's 'We Are Writiers' book, due for release on World Book Day.


'Visiting the library and analysing different book covers helped me to

think of ideas to use in my independent book cover design.' - Bell G, Class 5

Independent Research - Pablo Picasso 

Year 4 pupils have been their independently researching the famous artist - Pablo Picasso.

Not only did pupils find out facts about the artist and some of his other artworks, they also looked into cubism and how the art style places different shapes together to create bigger images. 


'At first I didn't like cubism because the artwork look confusing. But after drawing a portrait for myself I started to enjoy looking at the artwork.' - Neil Mc, Class 5

Independent drawing and shading skills

After learning about ways of using different shading techniques with pencils and oil pastels, children were able to independently draw and shade a range of three dimensional objects, including a variety of fruits.


'Learning how to independently use different shading techniques meant I could try out using

 different styles to shade each type of 3D object.' - Connor H, Class 5

Willaim Morris Inspired Designs

Using their research knowledge of William Moriris and how he created his designs, pupils drew their own independent patterned designs, in which they incorporated the leaves, flowers, birds and insects based on their interpretations of Morris' work.


'Creating the repaeating pattern was more difficult than I thought. I needed to be really concenrate to make sure everything was in the right place and the same size so my repeating pattern was neatly presented. I was really happy with my design in the end.' - Charlie S, Class 5