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Healthy Me

Smoking and Alcohol 

In year 5 we have looked at the effect smoking and alcohol can have on your health and lifestyle. The children were surprised by the amount of deaths that occur every year as a result of smoking or drinking. They were very mature in recognising how drinking too much alcohol can lead to anti-social behaviour.


"I didn't realise that both smoking and alcohol can have such a lasting impact on your body and result in long term illnesses such as cancer." - Thomas 


"In my opinion, young people smoke and drink alcohol due to peer pressure." - Joseph


"I now have a better understanding of the long term impacts of both smoking and alcohol. Also, people's behaviour is impacted by the impact of alcohol which is linked to anti-social behaviour and crime." - Louanna

Healthy body image 

We discussed the definition of body image and considered how it can be positive or negative. Whilst analysing 'Photoshop'd' images of celebrities, the children were shocked to find that the images they see are altered to such unrealistic standards. We then came together to think about how we can keep ourselves, and others, positive about our body image. 


"In my opinion, it was shocking to see how celebrities look without their photographs being edited. This can have a negative impact on people's own opinions of themselves and their body image as they look up to these celebrities."- Isabella


"I feel like people who are trying to look like and act like celebrities should really be proud of who they are and try not to change as we are all amazing in our way. We should be proud of who we are." - Bobby-Mai