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Enriching experiences

Rocks Workshop with Mr B


This week, Year 3 enjoyed participating in an exciting ‘rocks’ workshop with Mr. B to start our new science topic. We were lucky enough to explore a range of rocks, including different fossils and minerals which Mr B had brought in to share with us.


In groups, we explored a range of boxes which contained different rocks, fossils and minerals. We were able to weigh a range of fossils and count the number of sharks’ teeth in a box of sand. We were also able to use a range of scientific equipment including using scientific glasses to zoom in and explore a range of minerals and also use a microscope which allowed us to take a closer look at the different parts of a rock and look inside different fossils. We also grouped a range of fossils depending on their type. A very exciting start to our new science topic!


“It was fascinating to learn about how fossils are formed and actually touching fossils that were over 100 million years old!”  Ava, Class 3 

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Birds of Prey Workshop


Wow! What a day! Our children took part in a fascinating, informative science workshop all about Birds of Prey. The workshop was delivered by the Welsh Birds of Prey centre. During the session, the children learnt lots of information about the habitats, diets and features of the different birds. This linked with many of our Science topics including classification. As our children were so enthralled and well behaved, some children were actually chosen to hold the Eurasian Eagle owl! 



"To be able to see the birds of prey up close was very interesting. I learnt some amazing facts about these wonderful animals. Did you know that the Eurasian Eagle owl can have a wing span of up to 6 feet?" Eva, Class 1