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Enriching Experiences

Birds of Prey

Year 6 really enjoyed the annual visit from Mike and his Birds of Prey! It's always fascinating to hear about these amazing birds and it gave us an excellent insight into our Living Things and their Habitats topic! 

Light Workshop

Year 6 had another visit from the fantastic Mr B! This time, he came in to help with our Light topic. We learned about how light travels and how without a light source we cannot see. We also used a variety of different equipment related to light and the way we see things. One thing the pupils all really enjoyed was creating their own patterns using a colourful light source against a black background and using Mr B's cool camera. We had a lot of fun!

Electricity Workshop

Today, Year 6 took part in a fantastic Science workshop to get our Electricity topic off to a great start! Presented by the one and only Mr B, children built on their knowledge about conductors and insulators from Year 4. Pupils were fascinated to learn that electricity has always been around but was undiscovered for years! We experimented with static electricity to lift pieces of confetti up from the tops of our heads using a balloon. Then, we were given a series of challenges to complete using a circuit board, such as lighting two bulbs simultaneously and getting a motor to move. We are now really electrified to continue with the rest of our learning!