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Enriching Experiences

Birds of Prey

Year 6 really enjoyed the annual visit from Mike and his Birds of Prey! It's always fascinating to hear about these amazing birds and it gave us an excellent insight into our Living Things and their Habitats topic! 

Light Workshop

Year 6 had another visit from the fantastic Mr B! This time, he came in to help with our Light topic. We learned about how light travels and how without a light source we cannot see. We also used a variety of different equipment related to light and the way we see things. One thing the pupils all really enjoyed was creating their own patterns using a colourful light source against a black background and using Mr B's cool camera. We had a lot of fun!

Electricity Investigation - Is the circuit complete?

This week, our children have been building on their circuit knowledge from Year 4 to identify whether or not each of their circuits was complete. They used their understanding of circuit symbols from the previous lesson to accurately construct each circuit. 


'The first circuit was not complete as there was no cell present. This means that there is no power to push the electrical current around the circuit. Therefore, the bulb did not light up.' Rachel.