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'Drugs and Alcohol' Awareness Week Activities

'Drugs and Alcohol' Awareness Week 

Year 3 


The impact of Drugs 

As the week progressed, we focused on the impact drugs can have on the body. We identified different drugs as a class before working in groups to discuss our feelings towards drugs. Each class read a story based on the impact of drugs before sharing our thoughts and feelings on the possible decisions characters could make and the lasting impact this could have on someone's body. We then focused on how we can lead a healthy lifestyle and how some medicines can help us with this. 

Year 4 


What are the dangers of smoking?

During 'Drugs and Alcohol' awareness week, we learnt about how important it is to take responsibility for our own health and well-being.  We explored the consequences smoking has on the human body and some of us were shocked to see how it damages our bodies - particularly the lungs! We also considered the dangers alcohol can have on the individuals who choose to drink it and those around them. Both smoking and drinking alcohol can impact a humans physical and mental health; therefore, we know now it is important to support others and advise them where to get help. 


"Peer pressure makes a lot of people feel like they should smoke cigarettes (or vape) to fit in with the people around them. But, to be the healthiest version of myself I need to surround myself with positive, healthy people." - Ellie



Year 5 


What can influence young people's decisions on whether to smoke or drink?

How does alcohol effect young people's behaviour?

In year 5 we have looked at the effect smoking and alcohol can have on your health and lifestyle. The children were surprised by the amount of deaths that occur every year as a result of smoking or drinking. They were very mature in recognising how drinking too much alcohol can lead to anti-social behaviour.


"Music videos can make drinking and partying look fun. that could encourage young people to drink." - Isabelle


"Peer pressure can be a huge influence in young people drinking." - Alfie


"Anti- social behaviour is more common when people drink as their inhibitions are lowered." - Anthony

Year 6 


The different types of drugs and their effects on the body 


In this topic, we learnt about how to take responsibility for our health and well-being.  Linked to our Science topic, we learnt about different types of drugs and their effect on our bodies.  During this topic, we also thought about gangs and considered some of the strategies if we felt pressurised.

Pupil Voice


"I know you hear lots of information about driving under the influence of alcohol, but I didn't realise that drugs could influence your driving too! I think there needs to be a lot more information about this for the public." Tilly


"You hear lots of stories about gangs in the news.  I think that some people might think that it is normal to be part of a gang. I learnt that there is a difference between a group of friends and a gang." Jack