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Non Excidet

Dreams and Goals

Steps to Success 

Filled with great success, Year 4 have been exploring their topic of 'Dreams and Goals'. The children have been discussing different career options, their aspirations for the future and what actions they will need to take in order to succeed.


In teams, we were set a task to work out the steps needed to take to achieve a goal (Mr Potato Head); however, as an additional challenge we had try to do this successfully as part of a group.


"This was a lot harder to do than it first seemed! At first everyone kept disagreeing on what our Mr Potato Head should look like. We all wanted him to reflect our own opinions and hobbies." - Charlie J


"Our team won because we listened to each other and all had an equal input into our character. Our main steps to success were team work, communication and listening to each other." - Amelia Mc


"After completing the task, we had to identify the contributions that were made by each team member. This was my favourite part of the lesson, as we all realised it was not actually about what our Mr Potato Head looked like but rather, how we worked as a team." - Molly Mc

Dreams and Goals

The children were encouraged to research different types of careers that they felt would match with their individual qualities. In groups, Year 4 considered the different qualities and skills they believed they had in order to secure their dream career. 


"Believe in yourself, be resilient and never give up - NON EXCIDET!" - Eva M-B


"My dream is to become a vet. It is important to help animals that are in need, so we can have a greater impact on our world. In my spare time, I aspire to learn the skills of a make up artist." - Maddison R