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The School Council 


The children are able to understand Democracy by putting it into action! At the beginning of each year, all pupils are able to enter themselves as a nominee for the School Council. Each nominee has the challenge of writing and delivering a speech to persuade their year group that they are the best nominee and that they deserve the votes. After the speeches have been delivered, each child votes for the nominee that they would like to see become their school councillor. The boy and girl with the most votes in each year group become the school councillors.


This year, our student council have been extremely busy! After listening to the complaints of pupils about the lack of variety on the playground, the student council came up with the idea of getting AstroTurf installed for pupils to play football. They were successful in their efforts and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Anna Rothery came to the grand opening of our new AstroTurf Pitch. She even awarded the school council with a clock for the dining hall, which was their next mission. Two jobs in one!

The General Election


Getting the children involved with current politics is very important to Democracy. Ensuring that they are educated about how the government works and how the decisions of MP’s hundreds of miles away, can have a huge impact on their lives.


We looked at the different political parties and the promises their manifesto’s contained. The children were then able to think about why they would vote for each party and effects that their government would have on their lives.



"I liked finding out who my local MP was because I thought that you just had to vote for who was in charge of the party - for example, Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn. Because I know this, I hope that we can write to our MP in the future to help us solve some problems."  Rochrie 


"It was interesting to see the party's manifestos without their names because sometimes I think people just vote for a party because the rest of their family does. I think it's important to read what parties are promising and use your vote to help other people too. In our class, most people voted for the Green Party or the Labour Party." Lilia