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Crucial Crew


Crucial Crew


To support our transition to secondary school, Year 6 children attended a local army barracks to learn essential skills and knowledge that would help us when moving to and from school. The aims of the campaign are to enable children to become more aware of personal safety, make a contribution to crime prevention, avoid being a victim of crime, know what to do in an emergency, foster good citizenship and actively contribute to their own health.


The council’s road safety team delivered information about being safe near and on roads; the environmental health team talked about hazards at home and staying safe online; whilst rangers discussed safety and awareness in parks and near water. Merseyside Police explained to pupils how to make a 999 call and introduced them to the 101 number as a way of reporting crimes and other concerns that don’t require an emergency response. 


Pupil Voice


"I enjoyed the session with the road safety team as I often ride my bike around by my house.  It was shocking to see how taking your eyes off the road or losing focus for a couple of seconds could alter your life forever. I've learnt that I need to make sure my headlights are working and to always wear a helmet." Aaron


"My favourite session was with The Dog's Trust because I liked it when we debunked the myths surrounding 'dangerous dogs'. Most people judge dogs based on the type of dog they are, but we learnt that it depends on the owner too. I feel more confident approaching dogs now, especially asking the owner's permission before petting them." Jon Paul