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Celebrating Difference

Celebrating Difference


Firstly, we considered the word: ' normal' and what that meant for us.  From this initial definition, we thought about how others may be treated differently if they did not fit into this tight, rigid category of people. We learnt about Roberta Cowell and her heroism when faced with her decision to be herself when she felt like she didn't fit in. As a class, we thought about how people may feel if they are being bullied: how our words and actions could potentially harm others. We listed some strategies to overcome this so that we knew who to talk to if we ever felt this way. Finally, we celebrated the amazing work of the Paralympians by researching their achievements despite their setbacks, which gave us hope that we too can do the same.

Pupil Voice


"I liked learning about Roberta Cowell.  I know that she must have been extremely brave to have made the decision to be true to herself."  Ryan


"I know that myself and others in the class have different conditions, which can cause other people to think that we are not 'normal'.  I liked doing this part of the task because then I knew that there isn't just one type of normal that everyone can fit into." Scarlett

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