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Being Me In My World

Being Me In My World 


To begin our year together, we discussed what it feels like to belong to something and be part of our new class, linking it to our school mission statement and core values. This included discussing our goals for the year as well as our worries and concerns. Once we had developed our class discussion further, we set ourselves goals for the year thinking about what we can do in order to achieve them.


After looking at the year ahead, we focused on our rights as citizens of our country focusing particularly on the ‘United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child’ (UNCRC). As we were looking at the different rights included, we focused on how they link to our rights as children before identifying our responsibilities for each of the rights.


Then, we looked at ourselves as citizens of our school community and as a class we identified things needed in order to learn. These became our ‘six rights to learn’. Afterwards, we discussed our responsibilities in order to uphold the ‘six rights’ allowing our classmates, and all children, the opportunity to learn. Together, we were able to identify rewards and consequences for our behaviour and actions in relation to the rights and responsibilities we had discussed and identified. Finally, together, we agreed to work together as a team in order to do our best and uphold these responsibilities in order to support each others learning.