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Acquistion of knowledge and skills

Isaac Newton - Splitting Light

We learned about the discoveries of famous scientists about light, such as Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei.


"Isaac Newton discovered that white light was actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow!" - Lydia

How can we see objects?

We learned how a periscope works, by using reflective materials to bounce light at 90 degrees into our eyes; this allows us to see over the top of things and around corners. We learned that retro-reflective materials reflect light directly back towards the light source and not to our eyes.


"I enjoyed learning about what periscopes could be used for. For example, did you know that in wars, periscopes could be used to see over the top of trenches." - Kyle

How does light travel?


Year 6 have been acquiring knowledge about how light travels by carrying out a range of practical investigations as part of our 'Crime Scene Investigation' topic!


'It was lots of fun to eliminate a different suspect each week and then find out who actually did it! I really enjoyed our Light topic!'


Reflecting Light

How does light travel?

Circuit Components


Building on their prior knowledge from Year 4, our children have been learning about different circuit components and the symbols that we can use to represent them. They have used this knowledge to decide whether or not different circuits will work!

"I liked learning the different circuit symbols and then figuring out whether the circuit could work or not by looking at the diagram. We've learned lots of useful information this topic such as how circuits work and how to figure out how many volts a battery has." 



The Circulatory System


Our children have been learning their topic vocabulary and naming the different parts of the circulatory system by creating labelled diagrams.


'I found it really interesting to learn about the heart and how it works. It's such an important part of the body - it keeps us alive!'