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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills:


Daily one hour mathematics lessons totaling a minimum of 6 hours will take place each week. The 6th hour will focus on the development of fluency when applying the core arithmetic skills. Problem solving and reasoning will be embedded throughout the curriculum with ample opportunities to apply taught skills to real life situations.


Timing how long it takes to run around the yard
Recording the time in seconds
Converting the seconds into minutes
Acquiring the skill of measuring angles
Practising measuring angles online
Learning to measure angles
Calculating the area of rectangles
Calculating compound area
Using column addition
Adding and subtracting decimals
Using short division
Adding decimals

Pupil Voice:


"Maths lessons are so enjoyable because we get to develop new skills. I love that we have specific lessons where we work on our arithmetic skills. This has really helped me to get better at the four operations - particularly division, where I struggled in Year 4." - Eddie