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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills


This week in Year 6, we have been leaning about the political street-artist known as Banksy. We discussed and evaluated some of his most iconic pieces and learned about his use of stencils. We had differing opinions, with some children hailing him as an artisitic legend; whilst others believed that grafitti could never be classed as art. Afterwards, we attempted to recreate a selection of his work with some excellent results. 



Monkey Parliament
Crayon Boy

   Art Skills

Working alongside resident artist Becky, we watched carefully as she showed us - step by step - how to create perspective in our drawings. We also learned about shading and tried to apply this when sketching our still life drawing. 

Drawing cubes from different perspectives.
Using one-point perspective.
Practising ellipses to help with perspective.
Shading a drawing of a still life group.