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Today we explored street art within Liverpool. Particularly, examining how local artist (Paul Curtis) has been using street art to lift the spirits of our local community during lockdown.  




We loved the interactive element of the 'Angel Wings', and we liked how 'The girl with the rainbow hair' brought a derelict building to life. We then decided to create our very own graffiti tags. Using oil pastels, we focused on creating vibrant, unique designs incorporating a colour gradient.

Paul Curtis (local street artist)                 SFDS


              Striking and vibrant!                   Flamed graffiti tag     



"I've never realised that art can be interactive before today.

Seeing how popular 'The Angel Wings' have became in Liverpool,

    really made me think about how I view art."    

                                       (Caitlyn: C14)                                    


This week in Year 6, we have been leaning about the political street-artist known as Banksy. We discussed and evaluated some of his most iconic pieces and learned about his use of stencils. We had differing opinions, with some children hailing him as an artisitic legend; whilst others believed that grafitti could never be classed as art. Afterwards, we attempted to recreate a selection of his work with some excellent results.