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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

   Art Skills

Working alongside resident artist Becky, we watched carefully as she showed us - step by step - how to create perspective in our drawings. We also learned about shading and tried to apply this when sketching our still life drawing. 

Shang Silk Paintings

Creating our Shang Dynasty inspired silk paintings with Becky the artist. 


'I really enjoyed working with fabric today, something

I have never done before. I also liked learning the gutta technique to help

create a barrier and stop the paint from leaking.' (Sophia: C14)

Street Art


Today we explored street art within Liverpool. Particularly, examining how local artist (Paul Curtis) has been using street art to lift the spirits of our local community during lockdown.  




We loved the interactive element of the 'Angel Wings', and we liked how 'The girl with the rainbow hair' brought a derelict building to life. We then decided to create our very own graffiti tags. Using oil pastels, we focused on creating vibrant, unique designs incorporating a colour gradient.

Paul Curtis (local street artist)                 SFDS


              Striking and vibrant!                   Flamed graffiti tag     



"I've never realised that art can be interactive before today.

Seeing how popular 'The Angel Wings' have became in Liverpool,

    really made me think about how I view art."    

                                       (Caitlyn: C14)                                    

FACT Liverpool

This week, Class 15 have taken part in a virtual training session with the wonderful FACT centre. FACT Liverpool is one of the UK's leading media art galleries and it was a real treat to work alongside them on their new venture:   Augmented Empathy.  


Via zoom, we used ipads and followed along as our host (Carlos) invited us to consider whether online filters could become tools for empathy. Throughout the process, we thought about how we identify and connect with ourselves, each other, animals and the Earth. We had great fun experiementing with different filters and trying to empathise with people from a diverese range of backgrounds. 


A couple of days later we received this email from FACT commending our fantastic pupils:

'The students were so creative! They followed the session without any issues, clearly stating the high levels of both technical and artistic skills they have. The teacher helped us by sharing all the questions and ideas they had around our challenge: creating their own 3D character, a mix between a non-human and a human, by using ipads. They all created inspired characters that provided them with super powers to help themselves and others with the last few months of 2020.'


This week in Year 6, we have been leaning about the political street-artist known as Banksy. We discussed and evaluated some of his most iconic pieces and learned about his use of stencils. We had differing opinions, with some children hailing him as an artisitic legend; whilst others believed that grafitti could never be classed as art. Afterwards, we attempted to recreate a selection of his work with some excellent results.