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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Freidensreich Hundertwasser


The children acquired the skills to trace around iconic buildings in Liverpool and then paint them in the style of Hundertwasser.

Viking Longboats

The children have learned how to sketch various designs of Viking longboats before being shown how to use their designs to draw how they wanted the bow of their own longboat to look on card ready for it to be painted and varnished. Then, they were shown how to use fine tip paint to design the sail of the ship. 



Viking Shields

The children have learned how to use acrylic paints, how to hold and use a paintbrush to create neat lines and have also developed their knowledge about Viking designs. They were also shown designs that where typical during this period of time.

Self Portraits 


The children had sessions lead by an artist to practise sketching using light marks and using the correct proportions. All children, looked at sketching mouths, noses, hair, eyes, ears, eyebrows and the shape of the face.


During these sessions the children acquired various skills such as: recognising edges, lines, angles, proportion, perspective, shadows, shading and tone.