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11/12/2019 - Imagine That!

Imagine That!


25 children were very lucky to be selected to attend a fantastic trip to the science discovery centre in Wavertree.  The trip was a great way to take learning outside of the classroom and put our science investigative skills to the test when experimenting with slime, never-melting snow, volcanoes, rockets and in the water zone.  


"The day was fantastic!" said Stephen


"I loved mixing the ingredients to make a rocket!" said Dixie, "It was so funny when it exploded."


Nathan commented, "Today was amazing!  I loved making the snow and learning about how it is used in film sets for effect. I also loved the water zone and connecting the pipes to pump the water through the zone."


The children had a fun day of multi-sensory activities from powering speakers by pedalling on bikes; racing the materials through the wind pipe; launching rockets by air pressure; creating shadows in the light tunnel and digging for fossils in the construction zone.  The children learned so much during the day and even managed to fit in making Christmas decorations and reindeer food!