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07.02.17 - Safer Internet Day

SFDS Online Safety Helpline


As part of 'Safer Internet Day', Year 4 have been exploring how to be responsible and kind when using social media. We had lots of interesting discussions about the consequences of our actions, what to do in different situations and understanding who can help us. 


To put into action the things we discussed, we set up an 'SFDS Online Safety Helpline' in each classroom. Some of us acted in role as people who needed advice about different social media issues and others acted as part of the SFDS team, giving good advice on what they could do. We recorded these role-plays using GarageBand. You can listen to our recordings below!



Class 5 - Online Safety Helpline

Bill has made a friend online who has asked to meet in person. What should he do?

Class 7 - Online Safety Helpline

Rose received an unpleasant message online. What should she do?

Class 8 - Online Safety Helpline

Isabelle is worried about her friend, who has been quiet recently. She has noticed some nasty comment on his social account.