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Year 5: Project 11 - English: Narrative Poetry

                                                     Narrative Poetry


This week, you will explore the wonderful world of narrative poetry by analysing one of Walter de la Mare's most famous poems ('The Listeners'). 


To start with, you will need to read 'The Listeners'. You can find a copy of this poem on the task document. Why not listen to a version of it being read aloud by clicking on the YouTube link below too? 


For help with understanding what the poem is about and to analyse the features used by Walter de la Mare, open up the presentation below. 


Your final tasks will involve you rewriting part of the poem, following the same rhyming pattern that Walter de la Mare used. Once you have done this and practised performing it to your family members, why not ask them to record you and send it to us through email or on Twitter? We would love to see your performances in action! 

'The Listeners' Performance