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Year 3 trip to Legoland!!

Today, we went to Legoland and it was amazing! I have never experienced something like this before. We did lots of things, such as: the Lego Factory Tour, Lego Ninjago Training, Merlin's Apprentice ride, the Kingdom Quest ride (my favourite) and we watched a film in the 4D cinema!
We did a Lego Racers workshop where we had to build our own race cars and race them on a track. A good racecar had lots of weight and was aerodynamic. That means it powers through the air! Amelia's car won and she was very happy (edit- Mrs. Carson wants everyone to know that she built the fastest car and that she is still upset that Lego wouldn't give her a sticker!!)
We wish we could come here everyday. We all want to stay here!
Kate and Lilly (Class 2)