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What can you do? Who can you talk to?

Who can you talk to?

If you're feeling worried about something you have seen or are experiencing online, it is important that you:


  •  TELL a trusted adult straight away

Remember that this can be your: class teacher, any other teacher, teaching assistant, Headteacher as well as your parents or adult family members.


Together, we can help you, or find someone who can help you.


NEVER worry about telling an adult if something is worrying you, even if you have done something wrong or embarrassing.


  • IGNORE any nasty messages that you are sent

Do not be tempted to retaliate or join in. Save the messages and TELL an adult.


  • BLOCK the user 

With the help of an adult, you can block the user.


  • REPORT your concerns

Make a report. The adult you tell in school will make a report about what has happened.


If you are at home, with the help of an adult you can make a report to particular websites if you're feeling worried about what you've seen.


If you see this CEOP button on a website, you can click it to make a report.



If you're still worried, you can ring Childline for free:

0800 1111


There is always someone who can help, but you need to TELL an adult first.