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This is the second time this year that children from Year 5 have visited London. It was another unforgettable and highly educational trip, with a guided tour of Shakespeare's breathtaking Globe Theatre and a chance to practise our debating and public speaking skills against a number of London schools at the English-Speaking Union. Of course our children did us proud, performing to an exceptionally high standard in the heart of our great capital city.


A test of quick thinking and wits - five minutes to plan a persuasive speech on why a convention of Santa Clauses should visit England. Our children are up to the task!


We never knew children could eat so much for breakfast! Premier Inn must be all out of bacon and toast!
Busy at the English-Speaking Union now doing warming-up exercises before we start our public speeches and debates.


Hi again! Had a brilliant but busy day. The guide at the Globe Theatre was extremely impressed with our knowledge of Shakespeare and his plays - did you know that there is a real witch's spell in Macbeth? And that it is bad luck to say the name of the play 'Macbeth' in the theatre? We're all experts on using the Tube now and have just got settled into our hotel rooms. More updates tomorrow!