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Independent Write- Non-Chronological Report


Today, Year 3 merged their Geography and Literacy skills in order to independently write a non-chronological report about volcanoes. They explored what a volcano is, the dangers and benefits of living near a volcano and they also included a glossary of key words. This challenge enabled Year 3 to showcase their fantastic knowledge of these natural wonders. 

Land Use in Our Local Area- Changes Over Time 


Today, Year 3 took a step back in time and compared how the land use in Walton has changed over the last century. We explored various images of our local area dating back to the last century and analysed various maps in order to discern how and why the land use has changed over time. 

Land Use in Our Local Area 


During this lesson, we explored how the land is used in our local area and how this impacts tourism and economy. We compared and contrasted the differences in footfall between physical and human tourism destinations and discussed why we think some are more popular than others. 

The Eight Compass Points 


During this lesson, we explored the eight compass points and then we applied this knowledge in order to read the map and give directions to different places in the UK. We even used our compass point knowledge to direct our teacher around the room! 


The Formation of a Volcano 


Today, we explored how a volcano is formed and the different parts of a volcano. We labelled a cross-section diagram of a volcano and then we applied our knowledge to writing a paragraph explaining the process of an eruption. 

Tectonic Plate Formation


Today, Year 3 explored tectonic plate formation by labelling a cross section diagram of plate movement. After this, we then learnt about the German scientist, Alfred Wegner, who in 1910, developed the theory of Continental Drift. Did you know that the continents were all once a single land mass? 

Tectonic Plate Boundaries 


During this lesson, we explored how the tectonic plates moved (lateral, divergent and convergent) and their boundaries. We demonstrated the various movements as a class. After this, we used our understanding of plate movement to complete the table exploring the impact of different plate movement around the world. 

We were able to use our knowledge of counties to create digital presentations showing our understanding of counties in the UK focusing on Merseyside. We also used our knowledge and understanding of the UK regions to create posters based on the location of different landmarks within the UK.