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My Family and I

"I liked writing about myself and my family!" - Evie

"Me llamo Sophia y vivo en Liverpool. Tengo dos hermanos y dos hermanas. Tengo un perro sayama Bella." - Sophia


Independent Writing Assessment


To demonstrate their learning at the end of the half term, Year 6 pupils independently wrote a short paragraph to describe their daily routines. Some described our morning before arriving at school; whilst others described their morning as well as some of the lessons studied at school. The pupils used the time of the day and adverbials to order their events chronologically.

Jobs and Rooms of the House

'I enjoyed when we had to match the words together.' - Sam

'La cocinera estaba en la cocina.' - Niamh


'Learning prepositions helped us to solve the mystery.' - Macie

'Lo que me justa del español es busear quien mató al Señor Negro.' - Marika