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Writing Lessons

In Year 4, not only do we aspire to read and speak Spanish, but to write too. Writing assessments enable us to showcase our understanding across the topics we have explored.


Regular practise on the 'duolingo' app helps us to secure our understanding. We revisit topics such as family and numbers, as well as recapping everyday phrases.


"I am on a 22 day streak on Duolingo! It really helps me improve on my Spanish and when I get something wrong, it gives me hints and then goes back to it until I get it right!" - Ava

Describing the weather


After learning how to say, read and write about the weather in Spanish, pupils had to show their understanding by drawing and matching pictures of the weather and writing familiar phrases about them in Spanish, carefully spelling their key vocabulary.


"When we describe the weather in Spanish, we usually use the word 'hace'. For example, 'hace sol' and 'hace calor'. But just like in English there are exceptions. For example, to say it is raining we say 'llueve' and the 'v' is pronounced like a 'b'. Señorita taught us actions for all of the different types of weather to help us remember them!"