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We plan tasks that allow pupils to show their understanding, both of a standalone lesson and as part of a sequence of lessons, whilst making links to previous learning in other topics and year groups. 

"Music lessons throughout my time from Year 3 to Year 6 have allowed me to develop an understanding of what makes a great musician. I've been able to apply my understanding from my music lessons to both my singing, as a member of school choir, and learning other instruments, such as the clarinet. These skills will help me so much when I get to secondary school and beyond, as I would like to go into a career in Music when I get older." - Honey
Pop Music topic

Playing a glockenspiel part of 'Happy'

We demonstrate our understanding through our performances as a whole class, in pairs and as individuals. Comparing our performances from the beginning and end of our topics shows our understanding and the progress we have made!

"For our final performance of this topic, we showed everything we knew by singing in unison, as well as singing different parts in groups for the song. We also learned and played a part of the glockenspiel." - Daniel

Ukulele - Riptide

This final performance was from the end of our Ukulele topic, allowing us to demonstrate everything we had understood from our lessons!

"This was our end of topic performance of the song 'Riptide' on the ukulele. I really enjoyed revisiting the ukulele this year and was happy that I could remember the names of the strings and some of the chords! I enjoyed adding to my knowledge by learning this song too." - Caitlin



Composing based on our learning
Creating compositions based on our topic

"In my composition, I was able to use basic musical notation to create a rhythmic pattern, as well as create a melody using the key that the song 'Happy' is written in." - Lexie

"I repeated some notes in my composition as I know that pop music often does this with its melodies to make it catchier and easy to sing along to." - Holly


Listening with attention to detail
Listening to different ukulele chords
"Not only can I listen and speak about the similarities between the songs we've looked at for this topic, but also I can make links to other topics we've studied in other year groups. For example, some pop music is influenced by rock music, which we studied in Year 5." - Krystal