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We plan tasks that allow pupils to show their understanding, both of a standalone lesson and as part of a sequence of lessons, whilst making links to previous learning in other topics and year groups. 

Abba topic - Mamma Mia

Y4 - Mamma Mia

"This was our performance from the start of our Abba topic. I think my singing was ok here but got better with practice. I learnt how to put more emotion into my singing and how important it is to be expressive to show the meaning of the song." - Eva

Ukulele Y4

"This was our end of topic Ukulele performance of the song 'A Sailor Went to Sea'. I learnt a lot about the ukulele including the names of the strings, where the instrument came from and how to hold it correctly. I also think I got a lot better at playing the C chord, which is shown in this performance." - Anthony

"We had to create a composition based on our Abba topic. I wanted my composition to be fast paced and upbeat as I know Disco music makes people want to dance." - Isla

"In my composition, I used the notes from the chords and melodies we have looked at for this topic. Also, I used rests to give my composition a more interesting rhythm pattern that would make you want to dance." - Grace

"When I listen to different songs by Abba, I can hear the similarities. For example, I can hear piano in many of their songs and vocal harmonies. In addition, 'The Winner Takes it All' and 'Thank You for the Music' both have similar tempos." - Sadie