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We plan tasks that allow pupils to show their understanding, both of a standalone lesson and as part of a sequence of lessons, whilst making links to previous learning in other topics and year groups. 

Continue to check back on this page as we move through Spring 2 and the Summer Term. We will be uploading photographs and videos as we learn to play the Ukulele! 

Demonstrating Understanding

Completing our Knowledge Investigators 


Completing our Music Knowledge Investigator
Showing our understanding of our current topic
An answer from the start of the topic
Answering with what we know before we learn

"At the start of our topic, I knew Reggae music could be calm and relaxing, but now I know lots more like where it came from, the instruments it uses and how important the beat is." - George


"I thought rhythm meant how fast or slow but now I know rhythm is about the pattern of beats. I also know Reggae became popular in the 1970s." - Hollie

Composing based on our understanding
Compositions based on the chords studied

“We chose these notes for our composition because the melody sounds happy like Reggae music. These notes are also part of the chords we’ve been using in our Music lessons. Also, we repeated a G at the beginning because in Reggae music the melody often repeats notes as a part of the riff .” – Hollie and Ava


Listening to our focus song
Noting what we can hear in 'Three Little Birds'
"I found the music relaxing and calm because the tempo was quite slow. I could hear both a men and some women singing as well as drums and a guitar. The dynamics got louder in the song as more instruments came in. I gave the song 5 out of 5 because it made me feel happy." - Lily