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The Tale of Peter Rabbit

                               The Tale of Peter Rabbit written by Beatrix Potter


Several eager Year 3 children have been on a fascinating adventure alongside Peter himself! As a group, we have dove deep into Peter’s world and explored Beatrix Potter’s classic fiction book. Not only have the children visited the cinema to immerse themselves in the story of ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit but also, they have created their own lunchtime ‘reading club’! The children have had opportunities to build on their phonic skills and increase their love of reading.


Michael H – ‘My favourite part of ‘The tale of Peter Rabbit’ is when Peter escapes the dangerous Mr. McGregor. Last week in club, we discussed what could have happened to Peter if he had not been able to escape – most of us predicted he would have ended up inside a rabbit pie!’


 ‘Amazingly, in our Geography lessons we have been exploring the Lake District and little did I know but this was the home of Beatrix Potter herself! I hope to visit one day so I can see it in person.’ – Olivia G


Over the weeks, Year 3 have been building on their retrieval and inference skills during afternoon sessions as well as, discussing the characters, plot and setting of Peter Rabbit. Would you believe Beatrix Potter based the characters in ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ on her own pets? Yes, Beatrix had her very own pet named Peter Piper—a beloved bunny who Beatrix often took for walks on a lead!