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Scholars Group

Scholars Group

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” 

Philippians 4:13 

Scholars - Home Learning


If you would like to send me any examples of work for me to look over (i.e. writing) or need any further support with any of the exercises, please don't hesitate to email me:


I'll give you some feedback and pointers on where to improve or what you could do next. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.



Mr Highton

The Scholars Group was established to encourage pupils to apply for highest achieving secondary schools including those which have entrance exams. Historically, our pupils have only applied for the local secondary schools. While we know our pupils do well wherever they go and these local schools provide an excellent education, we are also aware that some of our pupils would benefit even more from a place at the higher achieving schools. From Y3 to Y6 pupils are taught key skills in PPA that will enhance their ability to do well in these exams and extra tuition is provided in Y5 for those who wish to be part of the scholars group.


We are now working closely with Bluecoat School to encourage more of our pupils to apply. As a part of this staff from Bluecoat have visited our school and met with parents and pupils in order to dispel myths and preconceptions.


In the last three years this has proved very successful with ten pupils gaining a place at the Bluecoat School and several others to Belvedere, St Edward's and St Hilda's on a music entrance. Most importantly all those taking part have benefited from the extra tuition and input and this has given a boost to their work in class as well as their aspiration for the future.

Pupil Voice

"I really enjoy my classes with Mrs Power because it allows me to stretch my mind and learn new things.  Even though the things we learn are difficult at first, this year I have worked hard to develop resilience and to break down the problem into smaller steps." Thomas M


"It is really exciting to be part of the Scholars group because it has helped me to conquer my fears and it has helped me to push myself, knowing that I can achieve whatever I work hard for.  Before I started working in this group, I only ever thought about going to the local secondary school, but now I have applied for lots of entrance exams throughout the city." Ruby O'B


"I have enjoyed doing the quizzes and practice tests so that I can see all my hard work come together.  During our work in the Scholars group, I have also learnt about turning negatives into a positive - so, when I get a question wrong now, I know that it is important to know why I am wrong so that I can get it correct next time."  Lilia F


"My favourite thing this year has been learning about proverbs because I've heard some of them being used or read them in books, but never fully understood where they came from or the reason why they were created.  I love learning about languages, so this has been extremely interesting." Bayley J