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Pobble 365

What is Pobble 365?


Whether you’re teaching a grammar or punctuation activity, generating adventurous vocabulary, wanting to deepen children’s thinking through a great discussion or creating a piece of writing. Pobble 365 will support you every day of the year.


It begins with a weird, wonderful and/or thought provoking image to inspire you. There are 365 images to choose from (hence the title of the website), leaving no chance for boredom! The images capture everything from alternative viewpoints of fairy tales, interesting set ups with superheroes, to animals losing their habitats in rainforests and mythical creatures causing madness and mayhem, as well as many many more! The writing opportunities are endless!


If the image itself doesn’t spark a thousand ideas, simply scroll down to use the ready-made activities provided. Use them as they are or as a starting point for something even bigger.


The activities include questions to prompt discussion and ‘sick’ sentences to improve — a quick, simple and fun way to cover that grammar, punctuation or spelling objective. There’s also a sentence challenge to take on either as new learning or a bit of revision. To finish, there’s a story starter to inspire children to create either a short or an extended piece of writing.