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Our Patron Saint

Our Patron Saint: St. Francis de Sales

Known as "The Gentleman Saint," his spirit of optimism, hope, freedom confidence in God's love prompts the people of St. Francis de Sales church and school to please God by doing everything - big or small enthusiastically and well. 


St. Francis de Sales was born in Thorens of the Savoy region of France on August 21, 1567. As a member of a noble family, he was educated in the humanities at the Jesuit college of Clermont at the University of Paris and received his doctorate in both civil and canon law from the University of Padua. 

These early experiences with both the French and Italian Renaissance greatly influenced his life. Shortly after his ordination to the Catholic priesthood in 1593, he began dangerous work in the Chablais region, attempting to reintroduce the Catholic religion in the midst of the Protestant Reformation. He developed a great reputation as a writer, preacher, and debater in defense of the Catholic faith.

In 1602, Francis Bishop of Geneva. One of the most important challenges he faced in the diocese was the reform of the clergy. Believing that learning for a priest was "the eighth sacrament" of the church, he went to work writing instructions and preaching sermons. 

To serve the many people entrusted to his care, Francis de Sales became a prolific writer. His writings comprise 26 volumes in the Annecy edition. Two of his books have become spiritual classics: The Introduction to the Devout Life, and The Treatise on the Love of God. In The Introduction to the Devout Life, Francis de Sales offers profound advice for the person living in the midst of the world and wishing to pursue a holy life. 

Francis felt that all people in all walks of life are called by God to a devout life and that this type of living was possible and wonderful.


Through a series of carefully written Francis offers practical suggestions for navigating through the temptations presented by the world and for making true progress on one's spiritual journey. His insights on the nature of prayer, the value of the sacraments, the role of friendship, the character of virtue, and the importance of devotion are timeless in their relevance. 

He is the official patron for authors and journalists. He is also of the deaf because he developed a method for teaching a young deaf person the catechism. 

On December 26, 1622, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died the next day. He was buried in the church of the first Visitation monastery in Annecy, France. Pope Alexander VII proclaimed him a saint in 1665. 


On January 8, 1661,  Pope Alexander VII  beatified St. Francis de Sales, and canonized him on April 19, 1665. His feast day is celebrated on January 24.