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Oratorical Skills

Scouse Pies


After talking to our parents and families at home, we took part in the 'Great Scouse Debate'. We brought in recipes from home and presented them to the class, justifying the reasons why our families used the recipes that they do. We listened critically to the points that were made by others in the class about their preferred recipe and considered how we could make a link to our own recipe or challenge them on their ingredients.

"After finding out about where Scouse came from and how the recipe changes, I asked my mum what type of meat we put in our recipe at home. We put in lamb and beef as well as potatoes, carrots and onions. My mum and dad both have pickled cabbage with theirs, but I don't like it so I prefer to have it with some bread. During our presentations, it was fun to find out how the recipe changes from family to family." Miley


"I enjoyed researching which professional chefs have the same recipe as my family's one. I learnt that my family recipe comes from my nan. When my nan was younger, her mum used to use really cheaper cuts of meat, but now the recipe has changed because we use a better piece of beef to add more flavour. The presentations of our recipes was interesting as we discovered that there wasn't really a common answer: everyone's recipe was different in some way!" Lizzie

Fairground Rides


After creating our designs, we explained how our models worked to our parents to show we understood the mechanical and electrical systems used in the fairground ride. Of course, we had to take into account how much our parents and siblings understood the science behind our mechanisms; therefore, through our explanations we had to adapt the vocabulary that we used to ensure that everyone understood it.

Explaining how our rides work

"I was really proud to explain how my model worked to my mum and sister. I tried hard to include the technical language about forces and mechanisms that we had learnt in my explanation." Olivia


"After we created our models, we explained how they worked. It was important to explain any technical words clearly and slowly. We also used hand gestures to help with our explanation to help our audience understand what we were saying." Nathan