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Military School at SFDS

UK Military School


This is just an amazing experience for our children. We have real soldiers in our school to teach our children vital skills. They are embedding values which are collectively known as CDRILS. These represent:

C - Courage

D - Discipline

R - Respect

I - Integrity

L - Loyalty

S - Selfless Commitment


These skills are taught through drills and teaching in the classroom. Thus far, the children have learned about team work, emergency services and the UK's place in the world. We are looking forward to the Passing Out Parade which is on 13th December for Class 11 and Class 9, and on 19th December for Class 10 and Class 12. Parents and carers will be invited to see the amazing achievement of our very special children.


The team building exercises were wonderful! Here are some of the children's comments:


"We need to work together to achieve our goal: Don't go in the quick sand!" Reece.


"How can we get this ball to the other side of the yard using only drain pipes? I know we need to work together, so you get in a line and carefully, we will pass to each other!" Mia.


"That was such fun!" Lee.