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Stone Age to Iron Age- Chronology and Location: 


Today, we independently completed timelines and drawings of maps. Many historians believe that England was, at one point, connected to mainland Europe and called 'Doggerland!'. 

 Religion and Beliefs in the Stone Age - Iron Age


Today, we learned about religion in the Prehistoric age! We discovered the burial methods of the earliest humans and how there were important 'figures' that claimed to have spiritual power. 

Ancient Egypt-  Politics


In this lesson, we used sources to discover the politics of the earliest human lives. We researched facts about education, people who were given power and even looked at the start of the concept of trading. 

Religion and Beliefs- Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses 


This afternoon, we used secondary sources such as books and websites, to independently research an Egyptian god or goddess of our choice. We then created a fact file using our knowledge. Did you know there were almost 2,000 names of gods and goddesses in Ancient Egypt? 


Year 3 Mastery- Comparing the Stone Age to Iron Age and Ancient Egypt 


Today, Year 3 completed their final History lesson of the year. In order to really display what they had learnt over the course of the year, they created an extended piece of writing comparing their first topic of the year (the Ancient Egypt) and their final topic (the Stone Age to Iron Age). This was an opportunity for Year 3 to utilise all of their learning in a new way by examining both time periods and making links between them as well as comparing these times to their own lives.